Zoë Wingfield II is the mother of Sandra and Leo Wingfield.

She was known for being a fair fighter and being very proud. Tradition was very important to her as she believed that it was the key to keeping the family strong and united.

She loathed her older brother, Bartholomew Wingfield VI and believed him to be a poor leader. She opposed all of his attempts to get rid of family traditions and often challenged him. She feared that he would bring about the end of the Wingfield family and destroy their legacy.

She supported Vivian Wingfield usurping Bartholomew VI, but often challenged her as well. She felt that Vivian was immature and not serious about her responsibilities.

She was a staunch blood purist. Once Vivian revealed her relationship with Conrad, she often berated Vivian for her poor judgement and stated that Conrad was not fit to be a Wingfield due to his blood status. She challenged Conrad to complete many difficult and dangerous tasks to prove his worth. Conrad passed every test, but nothing seemed good enough for Zoë. Vivian soon violently fought her, eventually winning. Because of this, Vivian earned Zoë's respect and Conrad became more accepted (though there were still concerns that Vivian's heir would not be strong enough if fathered by Conrad).

When the First Wizarding War began, Zoë was still a blood purist. However, she soon agreed that the Death Eaters needed to be opposed and supported Vivian's efforts in getting the family to unite against them. During the war, she realized that Vivian was pregnant and agreed not to tell anyone. Zoë also told her that Vivian's most important job was making sure each generation is stronger than the last.

She died during one of the last battles of the war. Her children were devastated but understanding of her sacrifice. Leo later named his daughter after her.