Zachary Clearwater twin brother of Alice Clearwater. It is likely that he had some sort of special ability that caused him to be seen as a valuable person. He was assumed to be dead before enrolling in Hogwarts, apparently with absolutely no memory of his former life and family.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Zachary was born in Wales to Nestor and Melissa Clearwater at the same time as Adelaide Clearwater. He spent his early childhood in Muggle society.

He and Alice were very close. They were full of energy and often got into mischief. They were hardly ever seen apart. Despite making trouble, they were generally well-liked. They had several friends at school and had a loving relationship with their parents. Alice loved choir and often sang for her father's church.

The twins' magical abilities were strong, and started to develop from a young age. Their parents mostly wrote incidents off as strange occurrences. They felt that the twins were different from the other children in town, but they knew nothing of the Wizarding World.

During a celebration of the Summer Solstice, Zack and Addie encountered a cloaked figure (mostly likely The Collector) who showed them magic tricks and told them that they were very special. Addie eventually went to watch the fireworks, expecting Zack to follow. However, he did not, and was presumably kidnapped.

Hogwarts Years Edit

"Sixth" Year Edit

Zach did not enter Hogwarts until he was much older than the usual age of admittance. His magical abilities placed him in sixth year and he was sorted into Slytherin.

Fen Hanson saw him in the Great Hall and reunited him with her girlfriend, Alice.