The Wingfield family is a large Scandinavian Wizarding family. It seems to have been almost entirely pure-blooded until Vivian Wingfield's marriage to a Muggle-born wizard. Despite this, the entire family has fought against the Death Eaters in both Wizarding Wars. The Wingfields lost many members to both wars, and is currently the smallest it has been in centuries.

The Wingfield family is very old and steeped in tradition, many of which are related to dragons. They claim to value personal strength and honor above all, but many argue that they just use this as an excuse to be mindlessly violent and competitive. While there is plenty of conflict and rivalry within the family, Wingfields are generally united when faced with outside threats. This is changing in the aftermath of the Second Wizarding War and the transfer of leadership from Vivian Wingfield to Ethan Wingfield IV.

The entire family meets every year during summer. While their gathering usually coincides with the Swedish holiday of Midsommer, it is sometimes moved due to the circumstances of that year and the availability of members.

Dragon Blood Legacy Edit

According to legend, the first Wingfield slayed a monstrous dragon and was able to acquire its power by drinking its blood. The strongest in every generation was traditionally referred to as the "dragon-blooded." They become the one to continue the "true" Wingfield bloodline and lead the family.

However, extremely rarely, a Wingfield is born who has incredibly powerful magic, and is automatically considered to be dragon-blooded. Two had never been in existence at the same time prior to the birth of Nancy Wingfield.