Wallace Cabot (formerly known as Max Lykke) is a minor recurring character in the Present and a former main antagonist in the Future.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

At some point, he was born as Max Lykke and was raised entirely in foster care. He got along fairly well with most of his foster parents, but he often changed homes and didn't forge a very strong bond with any of them.

Hogwarts Years Edit

During Hogwarts, Max was befriended by Moira Magda, who soon introduced him to several of her friends, including Melvin Zedler. At some point he became sick and had to have his appendix removed, which left a scar.

Fourth Year Edit

He thought that it was a bad idea for Moira to enter The Tournament, but he supported her to the best of his abilities when she competed. He did his best to help her deal with the death of her sister.

Fifth Year Edit

Max became a Prefect, and took his duties fairly seriously. He shared a dance with Clara Nott during that year's ball.

She later involved him in her blackmailing of Derek Hunter in exchange for sexual favors. While Max originally failed his mission due to his fear of Jackie Halifax, he and Clara began to bond. Max's friends were very suspicious and believed that he was being manipulated.

Post-Hogwarts Edit

Max moved into an apartment with Melvin Zedler and soon entered into a relationship with his older sister, who he had had a crush on for several years. Together they owned two dogs named Spotty and Dog. He worked at an unknown office, where he primarily did menial paperwork.

One day, he discovered that Tara was pregnant. He was happy at first and planned to propose. However, she revealed that the baby was not his and promptly left. She took Spotty with her. Dog died of old age soon after.

Max fell into a deep depression. He didn't do much of anything besides work. He rarely talked to Melvin despite being roommates, since Melvin had become busy with his new clinic.

The Second Wizarding War Edit

The business that Max worked for was overtaken by Death Eaters. It was believed that he had been told classified information, so he had the choice of joining or being killed. He became a Death Eater and forged documents to switch his name to Wallace Cabot, not wanting to corrupt his birth name.

A very high-ranking Death Eater received a glowing recommendation from Wallace's boss, who stated that he was very good and efficient at his job. The boss was referring to his skill at filling out paperwork, but he did not specify. After many important Death Eaters were killed, Wallace ended up being promoted. He was given a position overseeing prisons and torturing their enemies for information.