The Tournament was a competition hosted by Katrina Lois. It consisted of several dangerous challenges. The prize was three favors from Ocnus Lois.

Ranking Edit

Challenges Edit

Challenge 1 Edit

The competitors had to collect flags while on a race through the Forbidden Forest.

Challenge 2 Edit

A beloved person was taken from each competitor and placed in a cave. The competitors had to fight dragons in order to rescue them.

Challenge 3 Edit

This was the only optional challenge. Those who wished to participate had to enter a closet which contained a Boggart and stay inside for as long as possible.

Challenge 4 Edit

Each competitor had to submit the name of the person they trusted most. They then all switched partners and had to find their way through one of three tunnels.

At the end, the two winning competitors had to fight the person who they had brought.

Challenge 5 Edit

The final challenge was to direct their trusted person through the challenges that they had gone through.