Priscilla Halifax (née Rosier) is the mother of Jackie Halifax and wife of Augustus Halifax. She is no longer considered a member of the Rosier family due to an unknown incident. She used to be close friends with Aedan Grady, Conrad Wingfield, and Cadman Gaunt. Despite not being a blood relative, she was most likely under the Halifax Curse.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Priscilla was born into the Rosier family, along with several siblings. She experienced some trauma in her childhood that caused her to suffer from selective mutism. She had almost no friends and was distant towards her family.

Hogwarts Years Edit

Priscilla was bullied in school and kept to herself. Her only friends, Aedan Grady I and Cadman Gaunt, were sorted into different houses.

In her first year, she was defended by Conrad Higgins, a fellow Hufflepuff. He knew nothing about her due to him being Muggle-born and relatively friendless. She began to enjoy his company over time. Conrad continued to try to protect her and Priscilla tried to keep him from hurting himself, though both usually failed.

Priscilla tried to prevent Conrad from meeting Aedan and Cadman but they eventually did. The four became close friends. Priscilla came out of her shell more over time and slowly became more verbal.