Orion Wingfield-Gaunt is the son of Taden Gaunt and Nancy Wingfield. He is a soft boi.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Orion was born to Taden Gaunt and Nancy Wingfield. He took an interest in Quidditch and dragons at an early age. He also developed a love of reading fiction and a fascination with heroism.

He was sometimes bullied at school, but was usually protected by his older sister. Things became worse once she went off to Hogwarts. He often wished that he was strong enough to fight off bullies by himself.

Physical Appearance Edit

Orion's hair is very light blonde. He is rather small and weak. He generally has a neat, tidy appearance.

Personality/Traits Edit

Despite his desire to be heroic, Orion is fairly cowardly. He has a phobia of injuries and often becomes sick at the sight of broken bones or blood. He is very insecure about his lack of strength and bravery. He is sensitive and cries easily when upset.

He is sweet and usually kind. He enjoys reading stories of adventure and taking photographs of various things, such as random passersby.

He enjoys the idea of romance and often fantasizes about saving a damsel in distress. He knows little about real relationships.

Abilities and Skills Edit

  • Photography: Orion loves photography and especially enjoys taking pictures of people.
  • Quidditch: He enjoys Quidditch and flies from time to time, usually with his family.
  • Languages: He is fluent in Swedish and probably Latin.

Possessions Edit

  • High-quality magic camera, photography supplies
  • Dragon figurine collection: Realistic and detailed, of many different species. Kept in pristine condition.
  • Books: Mostly fiction, especially dramatic tales of brave heroes

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