Ocnus Lois is an elderly and mysterious man who has an excess of magical items and odd knowledge. He is not always reliable due to his scattered memory. Katrina Lois is his adopted daughter. He is the holder of the Philosopher's Stone.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Very little is known about Ocnus' childhood. He grew up on the streets and at one point fled from a cruel orphanage. He developed his very strong magical powers in order to take odd jobs for money.

Career Edit

From a young age, Ocnus began taking whatever work came to him. He was soon heavily involved with the criminal side of the Wizarding World and often visited Knockturn Alley. He became well-known as someone who could accomplish any necessary task, regardless of difficulty, morality or legality.

He traveled the world and had many adventures. He also collected a variety of enchanted items and his magic grew in power. At some point, he gained the Philosopher's Stone. He took great pains to keep it hidden, since he knew that he would become a target if it was known that he possessed something so valuable. He smugly believed that he was superior to all others, and rejected the idea of befriending or caring about anyone but himself. He made several enemies, including The Collector.

However, he was not able to fully silence his conscience. The things that used to thrill him felt worthless and he questioned the path he was taking. He took less and less work and considered turning his back on his former life. He felt that something was missing, but he didn't know what to do.

Adopting Katrina Edit

After years of aimless travel, Ocnus was chasing a criminal with a bounty on her head. He tracked her back to her lair and killed her quickly despite her pleas. He heard a baby cry from a hidden room and realized that the criminal had an infant daughter. He was filled with guilt for causing an innocent child to be alone in the world and decided to look after her.

He thought about finding her a home, but the baby had no other living family and Ocnus believed that she would be abused in a foster home. He quickly felt a strong attachment to her and felt love for the first time in his memory. He named her Katrina and decided to raise her as his daughter.