Marsha Magda is the late older sister of Moira Magda. She was the Head Girl and captain of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. She sacrificed her life to save her sister from an avalanche and was crushed to death by the rocks.

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Marsha was tall and had short, nearly shaved hair. She had a stern demeanor when doing anything she felt was important.

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Marsha was more serious and focused than her younger sister but was still fairly sociable. As Head Girl, she had a reputation for being no-nonsense, but reasonable. She disliked anyone wasting her time or putting students in danger.

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  • Quidditch: Marsha was an accomplished Quidditch player and was noted for becoming captain at a young age.
  • Academics: Marsha studied very hard and was one of the highest-scoring students in Hogwarts.

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