The Halifax-Lloyd residence is located deep in the Forbidden Forest and contains a house, chicken coop, greenhouse, and garden. It is very protected with magic and is difficult to reach. The home is disguised as a shabby groundskeeper hut and is enchanted to be larger on the inside, with an attached workshop. Isaac Lloyd moved in shortly after the Second Wizarding War and built the greenhouse and chicken coop so that they would not need to go into town for supplies as often.

Rooms/Structures Edit

House Edit

Looks rather small and is often disguised as a groundskeeper hut. It is very pleasant on the inside.

Living room Edit

Connected to most other rooms. There is furniture made by Isaac, a TV, and a large cage of canaries. It is often cluttered with the various things that Theo brings in from the forest.

Jackie and Isaac's room Edit

Theo's room Edit

Theo rarely sleeps in his room due to his nightmares. The walls are covered with star charts and any drawings he is given. The room is filled with Theo's stuffed animals, though several are in Jackie and Isaac's room.

Isaac's workshop Edit

A room attached to the house that Isaac uses to work on his projects. Contains a variety of tools and whatever Isaac is building at the moment.

Theo's workshop Edit

Built by Isaac for Christmas of Theo's first year. A small building next to the house. It has large windows so that Theo is visible while working. It also contains tools, though not any that are very dangerous. Theo's desk is always crowded with blueprints for the various things he wants to create.

Garden Edit

Planted with Tyler's help fairly soon after Jackie moved into the forest.

Greenhouse Edit

Built by Isaac to increase the amount of plants they can grow.

Chicken coop Edit

Sheep/Goat enclosure Edit

Stables Edit

Most of the thestrals sleep here at night and sometimes stay inside if the weather is bad. Injured or sick hippogriffs are often brought in as well.

Inhabitants Edit