Conrad Wingfield (née Higgins) is the father of Nancy and Ethan Wingfield and the husband of Vivian Wingfield.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Conrad was born to Perry and Bryn Higgins, a Muggle couple.

Both of his parents loved him but had to work many long hours to put food on the table. Conrad grew up as a latchkey kid and spent most of his time playing outside or at friends' houses. He often longed for a "real family."

He was thrilled when he was invited to Hogwarts as he believed he would get to have fun adventures and be a hero.

Hogwarts Years Edit

In his early years, Conrad was mostly disliked and looked down upon by the other students. He was seen as being weak and cowardly.

He befriended Priscilla Rosier, a fellow Hufflepuff, after saving her from some bullies (which he was then beaten up by). He bonded with her as they were both outcasts. He knew very little about her in the beginning due to her being near-mute.

Eventually, he met Cadman Gaunt and Aedan Grady I through Priscilla. The four of them became close friends, though Conrad and Cadman sometimes fought.